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The energy usage of The Landing has been thoroughly considered to ensure the greatest efficiency and minimise the carbon footprint. This is in line with the Greater London Authority (GLA) energy strategy; be-lean, be-clean, be-green. The Landing holds a 36.6% CO2 reduction on the Greater London Authority base line.
The construction of The Landing is being conducted in accordance with the London plan and the London Bromley Council local plan, which indicates a number of sustainable building practices that must be followed.
The Landing will utilise LED light fittings throughout coupled with an array of solar panels located on the roof. This reduces the electricity demand of the lighting by around 50% and supports in reducing the reliance on the national grid. Furthermore, The Landing will utilise air source heat pumps for heating. Air source heat pumps carry an efficiency of 300% over conventional electric heaters, as for every unit of electricity used, 3 units of heat can be produced. In addition to this, the amount of passive solar architecture afforded by the large number of glass windows in the hotel has meant that more natural sunlight can be used for both lighting and heating, resulting in less reliance upon artificial sources of light and heat.
Where possible, we are utilising local suppliers and locally sourced materials that reduce the amount of transport related emissions associated with the construction.
Lastly, in recognising the energy needs of the future, The Landing will have multiple electric-vehicle charging points for guests to use. This promotes sustainable transportation to and from the hotel and is inline with the hotel’s sustainability values.
Tim Snook is our hotel and airport Sustainability and Environment Specialist, and will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Tim can be reached on

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The Landing Hotel, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Westerham, TN16 3BN, United Kingdom.

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